Losing’s Never Felt so Good

Victory via defeat. Sounds impossible, but it describes my Monday night.

We’ll start with the obvious: the Washington Nationals. After losing 2 out of 3 in St Louis (by huge margins and horrible performances by our starting pitching), the silver lining was the opportunity to clinch the division at home. What could be better than beating the Phillies, at home, to end the season and solidify our play-off status?

Things didn’t really transpire that way. Kyle Kendrick pitched one hell of a game, and the Phillies shut out the Nats. But somehow, the free-falling Pittsburgh Pirates managed to beat the Braves just as the Nats finished up the top of the 9th. History was made, and three quick outs later, I don’t think anyone cared about the game that just ended. As the Nationals proceeded to pour champagne and Miller Lite over themselves, each other, FP Santangelo and the fans, I realized achieving that sweet victory after losing to the Phils was all the more satisfying. They can come in droves to our stadium, hit our rookie, boo old people, boo Santa Claus, boo Jayson Werth when he gets hurt, basically be the terrible people that they are, but this season, they’re irrelevant. In the words of Michael Morse, “this division is going to be our division.” Profound, Beast. Profound and right now, completely accurate.

So that was victory number 1. Number 2 was a little less dignified.

I finally won another week of fantasy football. (Yes, I lost the last two weeks, which is why I didn’t write about it. Too painful.) That win came at the hands of my childhood football team, the Dallas Cowboys. My opponent had Murray on his team and while I hoped his numbers weren’t good, I didn’t mean for Romo to throw 5 interceptions. Whoops.

Horned Frogs? Well, they flat-out won. No simultaneous defeat necessary. Just call them the 4-0 Frogs. 


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