NFL week 1 is over, and this girl is 1-0 in her fantasy league.

That may seem like no big feat, but in many offices around the country (including my own), fantasy football is a male dominated activity. So I’m pretty proud that I’m in, but moreso that I seemingly know what I’m doing. Go me.

I also managed to squeak by in my survivor league, with Philadelphia pulling out a nail biter over the Browns. Next week’s pick: Houston.

The most disappointing part of the football week was former horned frog Andy Dalton’s performance in Baltimore last night. When you watch a qb lead your university to the most success it has seen in modern history, it’s hard to watch them struggle at the next level (and even harder to read the idiotic tweets about him from people who probably didn’t graduate from high school.) I, however, have faith in TCU’s favorite ginger. So much, that I’m starting him next week against Cleveland. Betting against the Browns has worked for me so far, why stop now?

Speaking of the Frogs, their 2012 debut wasn’t too shabby. I realize Grambling State isn’t the toughest of opponents, but 100% passing completion? Come on. Ready to take that show on the road next week in Kansas.

Overall, week 1 was great, can’t wait for week 2!

(Oh, and in case anyone forgot, the Nationals are still winning their division by 6.5. Bring it.)

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One Response to 1-0

  1. Sharon Pick says:

    You go, daughter of mine! Good job!

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