Fantasy Week 1

It’s that time of year again, when my attention is split between baseball and college football. This year provides a couple of twists: a) my baseball team could quite possible win their division and b) I’m in a fantasy football league, so I’ll actually have to pay close  attention to the NFL. So now I’m being torn in THREE directions! (yes, I know, 1st world problem.)

While I’ve done bowl pools and March Madness brackets for years (reigning champion of the March Madness Pool of Doom, thank you very much), this is my first time to jump into the time consuming, production dwindling world that is fantasy football. I figured that would be the only way to get a word in the next few months at work.

This also means that if I do horribly, I’ll be ridiculed weekly by my colleagues. At least the Nats are good.

So here’s the team. My drafting theory is a combination of 1. former TCU players 2. former UT players 3. Dallas players 4. Chicago players 5. whoever was ranked highest.

My starters this week:

QB– Jay Cutler

WR– Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant

RB– Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, & Cedric Benson

TE–Antonio Gates

K- Dan Bailey

Def- Houston

I’m also in a Survivor league for the 2nd year. Went out on a limb for week 1 and picked Philly over Cleveland. Not the most obvious choice, but there are lots of good teams I want to save for later in the season. Here’s hoping I get that chance!

Happy football season, y’all.

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